Thursday, January 27, 2011


Finally made it! This place is absolutely phenomenal.. I honestly cannot believe I am actually getting to live  here! After a ten hour, 1,537 mile, flight from Fort Worth, I arrived in Frankfort on Tuesday and then had about another hour and a half flight right into Florence. The views from the plane landing in Florence were outstanding. So many beautiful hills and valleys.

The first two nights we were here we stayed in Hotel Medici right in the heart of Florence. Im not sure the hotel owners knew what they were getting themselves into when they invited 16 Texas girls with our huge, heavy suitcases, to come stay in their tiny old hotel.... To say we overwhelmed the 5 by 5 ft lobby is a severe understatement!

<------------Our room... for THREE ppl! Thats all!

We got over the room conditions once we realized that THIS was our view! The Duomo! Absolutely Breathtaking. You MUST see this in person, pictures dont do it justice. 

Today we finally got to move into our flats! Ours is beautiful, we totally lucked out! We are across the stunning Ponte Vecchio bridge away from the Duomo. This area is much more residual and less touristy.  A local Florentine told us that this area is much more desirable because of the open land, the fresh markets, and the local night life. I am staying with 5 other girls from TCU, we have a really fun group. We have three bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a kitchen, a dining room, and a living room. I was defiantly not expecting a place this big, its awesome!!! Our walk to the school (starting Monday)/ Duomo area is about 10-15 min, but the beautiful scenery and people along the way certainly make up for the travel time!!

My room! I spy Dr. Charles 

all our wonderful storage space!

dining/study/skyping  room 

cute little kitchen!

outside drying rack!

family room 

Via Santa Maria, our new home!!! 


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