Friday, January 28, 2011


 Today we went to their version of "Target". I bet the whole store could have fit into just Targets cereal isle! There are so many funny differences! You must pay one euro for the rental of a shopping cart while in the store, you get your euro back when the cart is returned. Most people, however, just use these little rolling baskets while they shop. For the delicious, fresh, fruits and veggies, you MUST put on a glove to pick out what you want. Afterwards you weigh your selection and print out the price. If you fail to do this and check out with non priced items, you will be angrily turned away at the check out. In the fresh meats department you MUST take a number and wait until your number is up on the screen. You will not be served unless you do this, even if you are the only person in the store! The milk, meat, and cheese here is all so fresh and unprocessed that it lasts a WHOLE lot shorter time here than in the states. Most people go to the supermarket EVERYDAY just to get their food to make dinner that night and then maybe for breakfast the next morning. Italians eat dessert foods for breakfast and omelets for dinner. 

After the market we went  for coffee and pastries. I learned how to say Empty or "No filling", "VUOTO"  a CRUCIAL lesson for me here! Almost as crucial as, "SALDI" !

We've been sort of compiling a list of places outside of Italy we must travel to and visit. Munich and Croatia were suggested to us by Italians. Any other must sees?!

Tomorrow is our first completely FREE day. We are planning museum visits, mass at the Duomo, and then going to Italian space (not kidding, check it out: 
Delicious Pizza at Gusta Pizza

Beautiful church we just "stumbled" upon

Roomies on the Pointe Vecchio

Our school! We start school this Monday! 

Ciao for now! 



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