Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This past weekend we took our first trip out of Florence to Interlaken, Switzerland. It was a blast! Interlaken is gorgeous with the 2 huge lakes and beautiful mountains. Interlaken is full of "Extreme Activities", they have everything from Skydiving, to canyon jumping, to hiking to night sledding. The weather was beautiful when we were there too, not too cold but fresh snow on all the mountains.

I decided to go night sledding, which turned out to be an absolute BLAST. It wasn't like any "sledding" I have done in the past, instead it was a long and steep course that was much more thrilling and dangerous then I had expected! Plus, it was absolutely pitch black on all the mountains which definitely added the scary factor. However, once our eyes got adjusted, the views from the top were priceless. Mountains bigger and taller then any I have ever seen. Unfortunately, because it was so dark, pictures didnt really turn out, but I will always have the memories of how spectacular the place looked from atop the mountain.

In Switzerland we had delicious Swiss chocolate, plenty of cheese fondue, and got genuine Swiss Army knifes!

We got back from Interlaken on Sunday night and after the 7 hour bus ride, I didnt have the energy to stay up for the Superbowl which started at 12:30 midnight our time.... Heard it was a great game though!

This week has been off to a busy start. I really enjoy all my classes (study of the italian mafia, wine tasting, whats there not to love?!) But they are definitely harder then I had expected.

I still just cannot believe I am here... Going on my third week! Florence is beginning to feel like my home, and I love it!
our sleds for night sledding!


beautiful views 


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  1. Loving the flowered headband. I've been wearing mine constantly, too!