Monday, February 14, 2011

More Exploring.....

After our exciting day on Friday (trains to Pisa and Lucca) we were hooked on day trips and decided to go for another round on Saturday! We headed out of Florence Santa Maria Train station again on Sat, this time heading for Bologna.

Bologna was a pretty big change from the quant Florence. Bigger streets, more cars, traffic, and high rises. Bologna had a much bigger, more urban feel than Florence does. It wasnt my favorite of all places, but definitely fun to see.

After we finished with Bologna we hopped a train to Verona where there was a festival for St. Valentine going on. The festival, 'Verona in Love' was so much fun! The streets were packed with people, parties and PDA. Verona was absolutely beautiful too! Hardly any cars polluted Verona, and some pedestrian streets were even made from marble. To celebrate all things LOVE we also paid a visit to Juliet's famous Balcony.  The balcony's courtyard (just as Rick Steves had warned us) was PACKED with tourists.

Bologna square

3rd largest Roman Coliseum (Verona) 

Entrance to Old Roman Verona 

Juliet's Balcony 

Streets of Verona 

Pink for "Verona in Love" festival 
5 beautiful cities, 5 train different rides, 5 tired girls, and 1 amazing weekend!

Sunday was also a fabulous day. I got to sleep in after 2 long days of travel. Once I woke up I decided to take a little jog and explore a new part of Florence. I have never taken a better run! The scenery was spectacular and I really enjoyed exploring.

Sunday night I went to mass at Santa Croce. We thought the mass was going to be in english but quickly found out it was, in fact, in Italian. It was definitely an experience to attend mass in a completely foreign language, but it was very neat that we were still able to understand the meaning and following along with the mass.  After mass we went to a MEXICAN restaurant! Very unlike Texas Mexican restaurants (little portions, no chip refills, etc...) but still filled my craving for a little Mexican! YUM!

Happy V-day from the Pointe Vecchio in Firenze! 

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